Saturday, February 5, 2011


Hey blog friends, sorry I left you hanging so long, but this blog post is going to be packed full of fun news items.

First, I have a page in this great anthology coming out along with a bunch of real life grown up big league cartoonists! I posted a taste of what I did for it last month, the final piece is really great and I'm really proud of it. Real high quality jokes. "BLACK EYE: Graphic Transmissions to Cause Ocular Hypertension," published by Rotland Press, is "an new anthology that collects original narrative comics, art and essays by 42 international artists and writers, all focused on the expression of black, dark or absurdist humor."

Cover by Onsmith and Paul Nudd

What can you do to help with my BIG BREAK? You can head on over to the Kickstarter page and throw down your milk money to help offset printing costs. Right here! While you're there, check out that list of names that I'm on.

Second thing: I am moving away to New York City this month to become a famous millionaire. I am very excited and scared and it is very exhilarating. I will miss Detroit and its wonderful inhabitants kind of more than you would even believe. But, it's about time for some adventure, and it might as well be somewhere where I can eat 20 bagels and then stand in the MoMA looking at pictures all day every day until I have died or I get job.

Speaking of jobs. I will soon be a famous millionaire, BUT, there might be a small period of time in between moving and achieving fame and success where I am poor and homeless, and for that time I could really use a job. Anyone know of anyone who could help me in that department?

These are the things I know how to do and have experience doing in exchange for money:
Drawing pictures
Arranging words together on a page
Teaching and hanging out with kids, except not where you need a certificate
Digital printing
Customer service/Reception/Admin support
Retail/smiling at customers/making correct change
Putting books on a shelf in the right order

I'm particularly good at smiling.


hmiller said...

this should seriously be your resume. good luck in new york!

Nikki DeSautelle said...

Haha, good idea! I'll probably get tried of sending out my boring resume soon and try sending out this bullshit-free list instead.

Thanks for the well wishes!

Emily Jane said...

The Strand is unionized so you make great money but a lot of the managers are a-holes. If you're good at dealing with difficult people, it's definitely worth the craziness.

Nikki DeSautelle said...

The book store? My roommate said they make you take a really hard test to get hired!

R. Standfest said...

I took that test at The Strand. They actually had a question that was incorrect and I corrected it. Fuckers never gave me a call-back.

Hope you are doing okay in Bay Ridge. I plan on bringing Black Eye to NYC soon, and expect to visit you in Bay Ridge.