Saturday, February 12, 2011

exhausted blogging, day 3

We're not homeless anymore! Today we signed a 4.5 month lease, for a 2 bedroom apartment in Brooklyn in a neighborhood called Bay Ridge. I'm pretty sure every time I tell someone where I live I will say "Bay Ridge-I know it's far but IT'S OK I really like it" all in one breath.

The neighborhood is really nice and safe, there's a bunch of amenities, and it's just a normal place where normal people live. Hipster-free. Also there's an express train so relax.

Today I ate a Vietnamese sloppy joe, and a piece of pizza, and a cupcake.



Maria Filar said...

you are really making me want to move to New York.

Anonymous said...


R. Standfest said...

I lived in Bay Ridge in an apartment on Ovington. This was my neighborhood Nikki-- right by the R line!

Beth said...

NIKKI. Be careful. When my dad worked at GM he told me horror stories about Vietnamese workers heating up their cat-meat sandwiches for lunch in the microwaves. He said the smell was so awful he had to avoid that part of the plant at lunch time. YOU PROBABLY ATE A Sloppy-Joe-Cat.