Friday, May 15, 2009


I'm graduated! Real world, hello nice to meet you. The student show opens today. I'm so excited, it's finally here. Everything is done and ready and now I've just got to pick out my party dress.

Anyone coming over here from seeing my wall, welcome! If you're interested in my books, look to the right sidebar, where it says "SHOP" there is a link to Lulu where you can find "Dating Advice for Monsters" and "The Hallway show", and Etsy, where you can find "Inertia: A Zombie Story", and eventually some other goodies.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Senior wall hanging!
I'm not finished yet, but I will be tomorrow.

Here's a picture that's on there.

Swine flu/bird flu/salmonella/west nile/e coli/SARS

Also I made this blog into my website again, after a few weeks of having an ugly fake website somewhere else. To the right are links to my gallery and my store. Look at me taking advantage of established resources. The gallery is Flikr and the store is Lulu. I also made an Etsy but I have to find my camera cord before I can list anything on there. Build your own website, for dummies and lazies and CRAFTIES. I'm crafty. I should run a seminar.