Thursday, February 10, 2011


I am writing this live from New York City. I am exhausssssted! We've been running around looking for a place to live today, and it turns out Brooklyn is really hard to get around if you're trying to get from one weird area to some other weird area. I think we were on a subway for a total of 5 hours today. 5 hours of just being on a subway. I helped a blind guy find a seat and then 20 minutes later he spit a bunch of phlem on the floor. It was gross. Enough phlem that it might as well have been vomit. You know how it goes.

I was feeling a little run down from it all, and then I ate a really great bagel. Everything bagel with cream cheese and chives. Coffee with 2 creams. PURE BLISS for however long it took me to eat it. Then I felt OK.

Then a little bit after that I ate a soup, and it was just vegetable broth with GIANT vegetables. Like, they didn't try and cut the vegetables up at all. It was good but it was like, Ok I'm eating a vegetable, OK now I'm chasing it with broth, OK now I'm eating a vegetable.

Eating and going on the subway are the two main reasons I'm moving here so don't think this wasn't a great day. I'm also too tired to go in an strategically add exclamation marks to show that I'm excited and genuine. Because I am!!!!

Now I'm going to email a bunch more strangers from the internet and ask to come over and look inside their homes.

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Chelsea Kirchoff said...

Riding the subway is my favorite New York experience. Eating John's Pizza is second.