Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Farout Indian

Remember that time when I used to post things on the internet? Well that time probably would have been over forever except I got this in the mail yesterday!!

This summer I had the great opportunity to draw the cover for Charlie Slick's new album Farout Indian. Charlie Slick makes some of my top favorite music to dance to. You can own this recording for only 10 bucks! Ten dollars, are you kidding me, you can't get anything for 10 dollars anymore. Only buy it if you like being happy. The title track is my favorite and it makes me dance around like an idiot.

See if you can spot the hidden self portrait.

I started two graphic design internships in September, because why do one when you can do two like a crazy idiot, and with nights in retail I've been working about 70 hours a week. So that's why I've been dead. It's working out OK. Both internships are very hands on and I'm learning a ton, and I'm excited to see how what I'm learning effects my personal work.

The main negative thing about the whole 70 hours a week thing is I've become a coffee drinker. I made a pretty good effort over the years to not rely on it, getting through college with cups of tea instead, but I finally broke down. I want it all the time. I finish a cup and instantly want another cup.

Update on the guy across the street because you care: He has a fence now. He built it over 3 consecutive Sunday mornings. I bet he feels like a king now. We eat breakfast together every morning. And by eat breakfast together I mean I scarf down cereal while staring at him and he smokes about 4 cigarettes before I finish. 


Maria Filar said...

this looks amazing!

Mastaroni said...

4 cigs for breakfast? Breakfast of champions

James said...

Yeah, this looks really cool. I ran into him the other week and he asked me if I had a record player, and I said no because that's the truth but then he showed me the record and implied that he would have given me one if I only had something to play it on. darn!