Monday, May 9, 2011


This great anthology that I am in is finally out and my copy arrived on Saturday!

Item No. RP-02: BLACK EYE 1: Graphic
Transmissions to Cause Ocular
A new anthology that collects original narrative comics, art and essays by 41 international artists and writers, all focused on the expression of black, dark or absurdist humor. With comics and art by Stéphane Blanquet, Ivan Brunetti, Lilli Carré, Max Clotfelter, Al Columbia, Ludovic Debeurme, Olivier Deprez, Nikki DeSautelle, Brecht Evens, Andy Gabrysiak, Robert Goodin, Dav Guedin, Gnot Guedin, Glenn Head, Danny Hellman, Paul Hornschemeier, Ian Huebert, Kaz, Michael Kupperman, Mats!?, Fanny Michaëlis, James Moore, Tom Neely, Mark Newgarden, Paul Nudd, Onsmith, Emelie Östergren, Paul Paetzel, David Paleo, Martin Rowson, Olivier Schrauwen, Stephen Schudlich, Robert Sikoryak, Ryan Standfest, Brecht Vandenbroucke, Wouter Vanhaelemeesch and Jon Vermilyea. Original essays by Jeet Heer (on S. Clay Wilson), Bob Levin (on "The Adventures of Phoebe Zeit-Geist"), Ken Parille (on Steve Ditko) and Ryan Standfest (on Al Feldstein and EC). Also includes the text "100 Good Reasons to Kill Myself Right Now," by Roland Topor, translated into English for the first time by Edward Gauvin. Print run is limited to 1000 copies.

Picture and summary stolen from the editor and publisher, Ryan Standfest.

You can buy it online here, at Leopold's Books in Detroit, Desert Island in Brooklyn, or Quimby's Bookstore in Chicago.

On Friday, while travelling across the Canadian border, it was confiscated for being "obscene." That should add some coolness for you. They wrote about it at The Comics Journal. Sorry, mom.

Here's my page!


Maria Filar said...

This is so good.

Chelsea Kirchoff said...

"Maybe see a boob"