Monday, April 18, 2011

blue checkered shirt

Here's some sketchbook stuff.

Sitting on the train, working at my retail job, and drawing pictures about both is a pretty good representation of my life right now.

This guy was sitting on the train next to me drawing a comic on a pad of paper. The comic was about his life, I guess. He was bad at it. He only drew one panel and it was just a picture of a guy with the words "Today I wore my blue checkered shirt." He either saw me drawing him and got self conscious, or just realized that it was a stupid thing to make a comic about.

This lady was cool.

How interesting do you think whatever this guy was saying is?


James said...

I like the third one.

Chelsea Kirchoff said...

Third and first are my faves.

Jim said...

Mr. 3 says "I have exactly what you need. Vote for me. I am handsome, the other candidate is ugly, blah, blah, quack, quack!"