Monday, February 22, 2010


Also: I know this isn't really the forum for this, and I'm not really like, a baker, or a baking expert. Or really someone who can do anything demonstrating the warmth or subtlety of anything remotely domestic. BUT. I just recently baked a cake so delicious that the Walmart moms of the world would be really impressed by me and welcome me into their large bosomed embrace.

So, I would really like to share with you this recipe. Because I don't want to share the actual cake. It combines three desserts into one, so you can eat triple the calories in the time it takes to eat one dessert. Time saver.

FIRST: Bake a cake. A box cake. I used chocolate. Duncan Hines.
SECOND: Mix up some Jell-o, using half the water so it's concentrated. Pour it on the cake you just baked. Cherry is the only way to go if you're being serious.

Ahahahahahahahahaha. Can you visualize this??? Then you put it in the fridge so the Jell-o becomes gelatinous and then you eat 20 slices. My stomach hurts. My mom and I are kind of in a fat race to finish it.

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Chelsea Kirchoff said...

I don't know what's funnier; this post or the label? HMMMM! Also, am I my dad? Leaving all these comments? I don't know, but I really laughed hysterically at the label as I was watching Bill Cosby.