Saturday, December 12, 2009

I was searching for reference pictures for this weeks hallway show, and instead of typing in Jason Alexander for some reason I typed in Lloyd Alexander by mistake, a guy who wrote some fantasy books I read in middle school.

He looks like this

which btw is exactly what I want my future husband to look like.

The problem with growing up on Fantasy and Science Fiction (and if it was published before 2000 and involved some sort of fantastical quest, magic, outer space, dystopian society, or all of the above, I've probably read it, bottom line) is that I feel like a huge failure if I'm not having some sort of crazy adventure. I can't get a real job, or have a home, or fall in love, until I've done all the first parts of the story, which is having a quest and nearly dying 50 times. I'm on the brink, and ready to have an adventure, and it's time, and all I need is a little cash, but what if I'm just being a crazy person and I should use the resources I have here instead of going gallivanting off into parts unknown?

Here's a drawing I did at work, to prove that I still can do things like this/"SHOW 'EM." I had to scan it a bunch of times because it's big. It's of this pretty cool wooden sculpture on the 2nd floor Promenade. From the front he looks like a ghoul but that drawing spot was taken already.

I made it in about 2 hours in between talking to this super annoying kid who was listening to Christian hardcore way too loud and singing along and wanted to show me his portfolio/draw me AND talking to this super awesome 79 year old man who in 2004/2005 WALKED ("I went through 6 pairs of shoes!") from LA to New York. He told me that and I 100% totally believe him. His name was Leonard and I talked to him for a while and he kept making me laugh and WE REALLY CONNECTED OK.

This post has way too much of me crushing on old guys. SICK. I'm not usually into that.


Andy Gabrysiak said...

I read all of those in 6th grade too.

AND I chose Jules Vern to do a book report about that year, and we had to draw a portrait and I drew him as an anime character.

Heather Paske said...

I love your blog Nikki, I cannot express to you how much it brightens my day. I freakin love that cover for that book too, and that the guy has such an amazing nose. I'm pretty convinced you need to put your blog entries into some kind of adult bed time stories book - with some sweet DeSautelle illustrations.

Jules Vern as an anime're killing me here, Andy.

Chelsea Kirchoff said...

I'm having the same issues. That's why I can't stop watching Lord of the Rings. WTF.

shelley said...

You should write/illustrate a book about that guy walking across the country. I think it could be good!

Charlie said...

I have the same issues, except i didn't read any as a kid. It was all movies. and it seems like all movies for little boys, are about no one thinking that the boy is worth a damn, then he becomes something great. like the choosen one or something.

Anonymous said...

Nikki, I miss you! I'm on a break at school and I read some of your blog and I really am laughing out loud! You are a great writer, I admire your talent so much! It was the perfect stress reliever, thank you!