Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Here's a fact about me: I really love text messages. I think they are the sonnets of the digital age. I've had this phone for about 3 years, the inbox holds 100 messages, and it is always full. Every once and a while I go through and weed some out to make room for new ones, until I had 3 years worth of only the GEMS, from a few really great people I know. The other day I was trying to delete my drafts box, and instead I deleted my entire carefully compiled inbox.

Maybe because I was already in the pit but I am REALLY :( about it.



Heather Paske said...

hahaha wtf is that book. Sorry to hear about your inbox :( my condolences.

Chelsea Kirchoff said...

i hate that. i have to LOCK good ones so they dont get deleted. that is definitely miz, but i like the illustration, dude.

Anonymous said...

ooooh noooo! you have to lock those texts. sad day.

Nikki DeSautelle said...

AHBOOO. I didn't even know "lock" was a option. I see it now though. Live and learn I guess.

I need like, a text message scrap book.

shelley said...

My phone inbox is always full, too. I can't lock them. It's too bad you can't store more of them.