Friday, June 19, 2009

In lieu of new art, I would like to share two stories I found in a notebook in my parents' basement. I really have no concept of how old I was when I did them, I am estimating first or second grade. My spelling hasn't really improved since then.

I have transcribed the text below if there is any difficulty in legibility. Please note on the illustration for "Dangoros Pino (And Alafed)" that in addition to Alfred's plight, there is a mouse-sized parallel story simultaneously happening. It's pretty complex.

"Dangoros Pino (And Alafed)
Once there was a boy his name was Alafred. Alafred loved to play the peano. But one day the peano wasnet wroking so thay had to get a new one. This pino was not like any other, it was a dangorus pino. Whene the day that the pino came in the boy started right away. Bat this pino bit off your fingers if you played it. Snap! It was to late. Poor, poor Alafred."

Once there was a old wowen who sold old chars to old people. There was one char that nobody had looked at for a long time. One day a old, I mean VERY old women came to were they sold the old chars and looked at that one char that nobody had look at for along time. She looked at it and then she said "I by it!" She took it home. When she got home she sat down in it. Then all of a sudden it grew a mouth and said "I love to trave, dont you?" Then whith out a warning it started to walk. It walked and walked and walked. faster and faster and faster it went. Be-fore she new it she was arond the word and back, but it did not stop. on and on and on thay went but still no stopping. Thay never did stop, they never will. THE END By Nikki"

These are probably the greatest lines of verse I can ever hope to write.

"Me oh my what can I do? Someones bene murdered and I don't know who!"

"Mr. Migoo went poo poo and Mrs Migoo poo poo with winny the poo a piglet too and roo went poo with piglet to and winny the poo and Mrs Migoo and Mr Migoo thay all went poo poo!"


Chelsea Kirchoff said...

WOW NIKKI! I am floored by these! They are so great. It's so great reading them because they are just like you and your style so it's great to see that you haven't changed that much. These sound like Nikki stories. They are WONDERFUL! You should illustrate these now.

This was just a fantastic post.

Good job!

Maria Filar said...

hahaha. i used to have my first grade folder somewhere. maybe i still have it!

James said...