Monday, June 15, 2009


Man, I was so good at blogging and then summer happened and I stopped completely. BAD. I love summer though. Everything is better in summer. Everything but blogging.

Here are some things I've done!

I moved back in to my parents house. This is their dog, Abby. She is a horrible monster incapable of love.

I bought this picture from CCS illustration fellow Ben Cloutier, it's probably my favorite piece anyone made all year. My favorite part is the nose. It is really inspiring to me. Noses are a really useful body part, but they are weird looking and hard to draw. I really enjoy different artists' different nose interpretations.

Another thing I did was I fixed up and painted my parents' mailbox.

This was their old mailbox.

That's not the actual before-picture, it just looked like that, with wood bits falling off it, except standing upright. The mailbox in the picture was their mailbox before the current one, it's just lying there in the yard still for some reason. It's a little bit w.t. But whatever.

I also painted my old bedroom this beeeeeautiful blue color.

I'm going to keep all the furniture on that one side.

It was blue before, but uglier. Also it had this dragon on the wall that I drew when I was in the 8th grade. I was really big into dragons.

I also had to paint the ceiling, because it used to be black, courtesy of back when I was sad circa 2001. Painting a ceiling is the worst thing. Michelangelo probably painted the Sistine Chapel and was like "SO NOT WORTH IT" the whole time. I had to put 4 coats on it.

Instead of drawing, I've been trying to sew. I don't really know how to sew. But I am trying to learn. We have an old sewing machine, which I used to know how to work, but it has been malfuctioning. There are all kinds of knobs on it that you are supposed to turn to set it up with the right tension and stitch length and whatever, and I have no idea what they mean really. I've just been turning them randomly for years and it's worked out, but this time it didn't work out. So I've been doing it all by hand. That's fine because it's a nice activity to do while watching tv/internet-tv.

I made this little handbag, as a practice for a bigger version that will be more useful to me. A purse is only useful to me if I can fit everything I own inside it. I was halfway done with the bigger version when I got frustrated with some construction issues and had to take a break and make a small one first.

I also got a job working at the DIA, which I start on the 19th. COOL. I have less than a week of lazing to go. I've almost got my act together. I have a bunch of fun ideas for summer projects which I will start soon so get pumped.


Ametha Williams said...

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Ben C said...

Thats so sweet of you to post about my picture! I'm so glad you enjoy it really means a lot to me :]

James said...

yeah, I hope everybody keeps blogging, or else I'm going to have to find new internet friends. Like Ametha Williams, she seems cool. Nice post.