Monday, February 4, 2008


This is a Joe Frank Radio piece, a selection from Black Hole produced for The Other Side in 2001 with Tim Jerome. It's probably not actually legal for me to put this on here, but I got it from the free podcast so whatever.
It's probably the most beautiful thing I've ever heard in my life.

Also I really love the stop motion and editing in the Road to Nowhere video by the Talking Heads. Especially the epic scene with David Byrne at 2:55.

The Talking Heads all went to RISD, so that's pretty sweet. My dad used them in a pep talk he gave me one time about how going to art school opens a bunch of doors and you're not limited to exactly what you go to school for.

Here's a part from my song project.


Cait Peterson said...

Man, I love Joe Frank. I remember when I used to catch his show on Sunday nights at about 11, and I never heard the beginning, so I could never figure out what it was, all I heard was these somewhat unnerving monotone monologues and I never knew if they were one guy, or fiction, or real, or what. Then I looked it up and realized it was Joe Frank.
Also, Viacom took the "Road to Nowhere" video off YouTube, which is very sad. Just thought you should know.

NikkiDeSautelle said...

Fucking Viacom!