Monday, February 25, 2008

Photo Booth, you guys. I always thought the effects portion of this application was totally stupid, but lately I've become OBSESSED. Look all these great people I can make out of my face!

No talking in the library!!

I'm important!

Raaah giraffe!

I have a huge file of these. It's retarded.


I'm supposed to be building a primordial soup body suit instead of this. I went to a charity shop today to get some inspiration, but instead I just bought a heavily sequined belt for me to wear when I dance in front of the mirror without a shirt on.

I have a few ideas though. Tomorrow I'm going to go dumpster diving.

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darryl said...

Hello Nikki

it occurs that it would be interesting to se what happens when/if you start to make drawings of these distorted images and then look atthe painting of Otto Dix/Archimbaldo/Francis Bacon, images by Hans Belmer and the exquisite corpses of Jake and Dinos Chapman. t would be nice to see the development of these characters, are they likely to feature in the development of your 'new' body form?