Saturday, July 16, 2011


Thursday night I was at the grocery store when suddenly I really wanted pancakes. I don't even like pancakes. The syrup makes me feel sticky all over and it's too much cake but not cake, but for some reason I always THINK I like pancakes. Three bites in I remember that I don't, but there is some flavor and texture that I crave that I associate with pancakes in my mind. An association that is obviously wrong.

I've made pancakes four times since Thursday, and each time I am frustrated by how bad I am at it. I keep thinking, if I make it right, it will taste like how I want it to. But I'm finally starting to think that whatever I'm craving probably can't be made out of pancake batter.

This morning's attempt was the closest I've come to making what the box probably wants me to make. It's the right color, just the wrong shape. And completely NOT WHAT I WANT.

Also, since pancake batter doesn't grow on trees, I now I have to eat all of the ingredients I bought or I will never be able to justify another treat again.

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Joanna said...

don't worry, looks like enough people had this same realization and figured out other ways to use up their pancake mix!