Monday, August 2, 2010

Keeping my mouth shut

The other day I was shopping for a winter coat, because I know it's the middle of summer but there are sales.

I was going through the racks of bargains, and this lady was trying on this red coat right next to me. And she was all frowny-face "I can't decide if I like this one!" And her boyfriend was there and he was all frowny-face "This has been going on way too long!" And the thing was, the coat fit her nice but it was NOT the right color red for her. I am not any kind of fashionista or anything, but even I could see that it was Too Orange and completely wrong for her complexion. Reds are tricky, OK.

I suddenly got worried that one of the sales people would come over and tell her it looked fine and she would buy it, because those sales people are heartless sometimes. So I figured it was my DUTY, and I told her that it fit great but that I didn't think that color red was quite right on her. I was going for friendly and tried to convey a sort of "shopping is hard I know rite we'll find our perfect coat one day" camaraderie. But sometimes I can't control my face? And maybe she thought I was making fun of her. Or saying that she shouldn't try and wear red and that she was an idiot for thinking that. Even though I WASN'T AT ALL SAYING THAT I was just trying to help her make a decision.

All I know is I watched her face just completely shut down, and I knew that I should have minded my own business. Her boyfriend was like, "Well, there you go!" and looked cheerful, not knowing I had just completely ruined both of their days. The lady took off the coat like it burned her and hung it up and walked away without saying anything.

IT WAS HORRIBLE. And I felt horrible. Because she was probably really proud of herself for making a bold color move? BUT REALLY, if I was trying on a coat and I couldn't decide on it, and I was about to make a BIG MISTAKE, I would appreciate a friendly stranger telling me their honest opinion. A bright red coat is a big decision, OK.

Also, lady, you shouldn't need me to tell you can't wear red-orange. That's something you should have figured out about yourself years ago.


Andy Gabrysiak said...

Good illustration! this blog really cleaned up nice.

James said...

that's really funny. The best part is that while I was reading the story I was trying to imagine what kind of complexion would look really bad with red orange, and then you illustrated it perfectly.