Friday, April 30, 2010

We're still making proverb flags at the DIA! Here's one I made during my shift today.

That pen is kind of a bully.

Also I'm doing this thing now? It's called Twitter? I dunno. It's weird. I'm practicing for my trip. I tried to do it before because I really like it IN THEORY. Because I really like text messages because they are like little poems. And this is just like text messaging except you don't need any friends, you can just text the internet. Anyway I didn't get into it last time I tried twittering from the computer, but I did the thing where I can do it from my phone, which is the true spirit, so we'll see.


James said...

it's kind of funny that the word sword has the word word in it. words are mightier than the sword because they saved the s for last.

Nikki DeSautelle said...

Hah! yeah the other day actually I was looking at this picture and I read "words are dumb" in there and had a moment of "oh wait shit did I spell sword wrong"

Chelsea Kirchoff said...

I like this flag.

I also like your most recent tweet about IKEA.

F that place.