Sunday, January 3, 2010

New website

Also, I made a portfolio website. A real one where I have to pay to host it and everything. It's costing me 5$ dollars a month.

To break even, all I have to do hold back once a month when I feel like buying one of the following things:

1 footlong submarine sandwich
1 hot and ready pizza
2 40 oz beverages
5 junior bacon cheeseburgers

We all have to make sacrifices to be the best.

Check out my new site here:

You may have to update your links or something, since the blog domain is back to a blogspot address.

Let me know if anything is weird or broken or dumb looking.

I made it with a thing called indexhibit. It's pretty cool, I'm sure you've seen sites built with it before. It's a little bit of a plague and it might become the comics sans of minimalist webdesign. BUT. Once I figured out how to load it onto the internet, which is always a nightmare for me, it was a really easy system to work with, and uploading images takes about 2 seconds which is great, and I like how clean and organized it is. I'm going to play around more with it but I've been at this all day and I'm pretty tired.


Chelsea Kirchoff said...

holy hell. 2010. the year of nikki desautelle.

Maria Filar said...

i have wanted to make a site with indexhibit but it was too confusing and i gave up. also, i just cancelled my service with doteasy so now i have to start all over again ahbooo.

michael eugene burdick said...

holy-cow, it looks really great.

i really enjoy how you documented your books, too.