Friday, April 3, 2009

This is a sponsored project from Somerset mall. They are making the winning designs into reusable shopping bags. I entered in three times and here are my entries. I had some versions where I incorporated the slogan "you belong here" but I took them all out because it looked creepy. Instead the legs and the star are the slogan. I wanted to keep it really simple. Also, I think I can finally stop drawing street plans of Detroit.

I'm really glad this project is over. I've been awake since 7 am yesterday, and I can't decide whether to push through the pain and do some work on my dating book now, or try and wake up late tonight and start a nocturnal lifestyle.


James said...

that last one is amazing!

Maria Filar said...

nice job! i like what you did to the legs. much better than the stroke going around them! such good colors too.

Michael Eugene Burdick said...

the last one is awesome