Monday, December 8, 2008

Not Stella

Saturday I went to Ann Arbor with some friends to see Stella

EXCEPT I didn't buy a ticket online and we got there too late and I stood in line and then they were sold out. So everyone I came with, plus my 2 roomates who came seperately, all saw Stella, and I walked sadly away into the snow and found a coffee shop

and I was really crabby and I ordered a cup of tea but there were so many kinds and I had an actual snarl on my face when I said please just give me the plain one and I feel really bad because the barista didn't deserve a mean customer just because I didn't buy my ticket with everyone else.

Anyway I just drew pictures of strangers for 2 hours and most of them caught me spying on them but I was too crabby to care.


Chelsea Kirchoff said...

The first and the fourth ones are my absolute FAVORITE. My god! This blog is really starting to bloom. It's a late bloomer in the blogging world. I must say, your little details like the teeth and that guy's hair in the fourth one are absolutely beautiful. It's like a little treat.

You are great.

Maria Filar said...

these are great. great great great.
it really really sucks you missed the show
but at least you got these portraits out of it!

probably someday you'll get a really big job from these sketches and you will be glad you missed stella. maybe.