Thursday, September 30, 2010

magical laser website

A few weeks ago I found out about this website,, that will laser cut stuff for you out of all kinds of different materials: felt, acrylic panel, mdf, wood, leather, even METAL. It is SO GREAT. I immediately knew I wanted to make something using this process, but I didn't know what. I still don't know what. But I'm brainstorming. I sent a test file in just to get a look see at what the quality was like. I got it in the mail today and the precision of the cuts and engraving is just beautiful. So clean.

You can also BUILD stuff by making plans and laying out all the separate pieces that will fit together. I really want to build something.

Here's the little lion I got cut out of an acrylic sheet. I just want to look at it all the time.

I'm gonna try felt next.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

tour de troit

Today me and my dad and my brother rode in Tour de Troit, a 30 mile bike ride through the city. It was our second year doing it and it was great! There were somewhere around 3,000 people.

The ride starts at Roosevelt Park, in front of Michigan Central Station, and loops around the city, ruining people's days who are trying to drive anywhere. Sorry everyone who had to wait for 3,000 people on bikes pretending to be cars to go past before they could pull out of their apartment building, or cross a street or something.

It was pretty windy today, and the ride was fine except for one part where we were riding directly into the 200 mph wind for about 3 miles. MISERABLE.

The meeting spot.

So many people! Also, so much spandex. :/

Me and my bro at the halfway break. COOL HELMETS!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Today I was having an existential crisis/organizing my studio space, and I had a sudden urge to do a painting to take a break from the crisis.

I haven't painted in about a year and a half. I forgot how when doing a self portrait like this, you don't have to think hardly anything at all.

I only used burnt umber, yellow ochre and white, because I hate mixing colors. It got me about an hour of peace.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Also here's a nice picture of a deer


One time when I was a kid I was playing in the woods behind our house and I found a dead deer. It had no eyes and the empty sockets were staring directly at me. I had nightmares about it forever afterward.

cool story

I re-did this in an exercise in type-bullying. Also I made it more gross.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

highfive infographic

I had the WORST highfive the other night. A bad highfive is enough to make you wanna cut your own hand off. I could feel the wrongness of it like a residue on my palm for hours afterward.

I made this instructional poster to help make this never happen again.

America has a lot of stuff in it

Here's a video I made about my road trip!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010